Empowering tribal nations to become leaders in the advancement of clean energy for the benefit of the planet and all life on it.

Our Company

At Tribal Energy, our goal is to foster sustainable energy practices, economic growth, and resilience for indigenous communities.

We aim to empower tribes through the development and utilization of sustainable resources, in a manner that respects and aligns with tribal sovereignty and cultural values.

A land where Tribal Nations are leading the charge in clean energy solutions

Bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, we believe that resilient tribal economies, promoting sustainable development can be a conduit for world change.

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Welcome to Tribal Energy Development Company, we specialize in developing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects in partnership with tribal nations. We believe in harnessing the power of our natural resources in a way that respects tribal sovereignty, creates economic growth, and upholds tribal cultural values.

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Our projects encompass clean energy and storage technologies. We provide all land, funding and expertise to develop, construct and operate utility-scale projects that are jointly owned with tribes. These projects create +20 year revenue streams and employment opportunities for tribes with a goal of promoting a sustainable future for our planet.

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We are committed to creating clean, renewable energy solutions that promote self-sufficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the quality of life. We strive to advance energy independence by supporting tribal electric authorities that bring consumer best practices and clean energy benefits directly to tribal citizens including providing power to those who currently have no grid connection.
Our mission embodies respect for the land, commitment to community growth, and a relentless pursuit of sustainable energy future. At Tribal Energy Development Company, we are more than energy developers; we are stewards of tribal lands, champions of renewable energy, and advocates for a sustainable future.

Investment Strength

We have access to $20 billion in funding to jointly develop, build and operate tribal clean energy projects.

Tribal Revenue

Our projects create meaningful +20 year revenues streams without requiring any investment or land contributions by the tribe.

Energy Sovereignty

We support tribal electric authorities with rate, regulation and consumer best practice policy

Community Benefits

We create community benefits, including apprenticeship training and prevailing wage employment opportunities on all projects.

Our Team

Chris Whiteley, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Whiteley brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial, energy and emerging technology experience. He brings early-stage technology firm operation, sales, and go-to-market expertise. He is a Cherokee Nation citizen and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Price College of Business

Jeff Keas, Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Keas specializes in building and running federal government contract capture teams. He brings 30 years of technology experience spanning solar energy to cybersecurity. Mr. Keas is a Cherokee Nation citizen and the Treasurer of the Capitol City Cherokee Community.

Chris Cook, Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Cook is a senior executive with expertise in renewable energy, energy policy, and engineering. He was the co-founder of Sun Edison and wrote the first power purchase agreement. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech and a law degree from the University of Baltimore

Benjamin Margolis, Chief Financial Officer

An engineer turned entrepreneur, Mr. Margolis has both founded and mentored several climate technology companies. He is a Breakthrough Energy Fellow (Gates Foundation) and he holds a Environmental Engineering degree from the University of Maryland and a MBA from the University of Virginia.


  • Tribal Energy is a Native American owned business with the culmination of over a century of combined experience and the full suite of skills to develop utility-scale, clean energy projects in partnership with tribal nations.
  • We bring access to $20 billion in project finance.
  • Partnering with industry-leading companies
  • Corporate Responsibility & ESG

    Tribal Energy is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate by promoting economic, environmental and social advancement.

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